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How The Art of Zen came to be.

The Art of Zen is a
Labor of Love.

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I’m a Creative Director and Filmmaker, currently based in Dubai. 

For me, Art of Zen is a Labor of Love.

It’s never been about achieving commercial success. Rather, this all started as a way for me to manage my own stress in life.

It all gets too much once in a while. Sitting in traffic, surviving hurricanes, dealing with unsatisfied clients, attending funerals, and now…life with a Pandemic. They all play havoc with our mental well-being.

The process of creating each new piece has been my therapy through all of the stress causing factors. The CREATIVE PROCESS helps me clear my head, remove myself from the outside world, and focus on design. Its my ultimate therapy for keeping sane in this insane world.

My only hope is that in sharing this artwork with you, I too can help bring some of this Zen and well-being into YOUR LIFE.

You can view my work portfolio at

With much love and respect,
Salman for Art of Zen

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Limited Edition, Original, and Bespoke Art

All of the artwork available through The Art of Zen is part of limited editions. Once the edition is sold-out it will not be produced in the same format again.

In addition, there are a few originals and one-of-a-kind artwork that may be on gallery display, but still available for sale. This includes large format, read-to-hang and framed canvas prints or woodblock prints.

Some of my best selling work is in the Mount Fuji Art collection and the Japandi Art collection. There are also several digital zen art NFTs available.

All of the limited edition artwork comes with a digitally signed Certificate of Authenticity noting the edition number of the artwork, delivered to the purchaser’s email address.

And finally, if you need bespoke art or a private commission, please contact me to discuss the project. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to do bespoke art for individuals, restaurants, and hotels.

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