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the art of zen in kanji

The Art of Zen.

Japanese Art Prints inspired by the Ukiyo-e style.

Original Artwork in Limited Editions.

japandi decor with japandi art

My name is Salman and I’m the artist behind The Art of Zen. I carry a deep reverence for traditional Japanese design, artifacts, patterns, and aesthetics. It inspires all of my work and forms my guiding principles.

You will see this Japanese style form the basis of most of my artwork, even in art prints which are not overtly about Japan.

Specifically, I focus on bringing a modern take to the Ukiyo-e genre of Japanese art, with its elaborate woodblock prints of travel scenes and landscapes.

Some of my most famous work is Mt Fuji art, with originals currently on display in Miami and Dubai. I also make artwork designed specifically for the Japandi style of interior design.

I invite you to browse The Art of Zen shop which has a collection of limited edition prints for purchase.

These premium museum-quality prints are made with archival inks printed on thick and durable matte paper sourced from Japan.

Each artwork is intended to evoke emotion, tell a story, and bring a sense of calm in the viewer.

All of the artwork available from The Art of Zen are original designs available in either limited editions, or single editions.

Once the complete edition is sold, it will not be produced in the same size or format again. 

fujimar - mount fuji art print

Zen in the form of
Mt Fuji Art.

The majestic Mount Fuji (Fuji-san, 富士山 in Japanese) rises more than 12,000 feet towards the sky, the tallest summit in Japan.

This print collection celebrate the sacred volcanic mountain and the surrounding area.

Mt Fuji is one of the Three Holy Mountains of Japan (三霊山Sanreizan) along with Mount Tate and Mount Haku, revered in Japanese tradition.

Check out the collection of Mt Fuji art prints, each designed with a calm and soothing color palette to promote tranquility in your home or office.

Circle of Waves -- a Japandi art print

Japandi Wall Art: Elevating Your Space

At its core, Japandi design embodies the principles of minimalism, functionality, and a connection to nature.

It is about finding beauty in simplicity and creating a sense of calm within one’s living space.

Japandi wall art, characterized by its minimalism, neutral color palettes, use of natural materials, and emphasis on balance and harmony, offers a captivating way to transform your living spaces.

Whether you opt for Japanese ukiyo-e prints, Japandi abstract art, large format art, minimalist prints or bespoke pieces for your living room, you can create an atmosphere of serenity and timeless beauty that reflects the essence of Japandi style.

At The Art of Zen we have created a collection of original art prints and digital downloads that you can purchase online to bring the Japandi art style into your space.

Art brings you happiness and tranquility.

Art is the food for your soul.

The Rising Sun - Japandi Art

It all gets too much once in a while. Sitting in traffic, surviving hurricanes, dealing with unsatisfied clients, attending funerals, and now…life with a Pandemic. They all play havoc with our mental well-being.

Now more than ever, we all need that space where we can read, work, focus, and meditate–essentially, a space to seek refuge from the crazy world outside.

Displaying wall art in your zen space has a huge influence on your mood and well-being.

Don’t take my word for it.

Professor Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist with the University of London, ran a series of pioneering brain-mapping experiments. He scanned the brains of volunteers as they looked at 28 works of art, and discovered that when a person views art they find beautiful, it triggers increased blood flow and an immediate release of Dopamine in the brain*.

Dopamine, if you recall, is a chemical related to feelings of elation: love, pleasure, and desire.

Indeed, Art is the food for your soul.

*Read the published research paper: Art and the Brain.

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