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Ukiyo-e or Japanese woodblock art was an especially popular form of Japanese art. Ukiyo-e art was heavily influenced by popular culture and was often used to depict kabuki actors, courtesans, and landscapes. The amazing collection of ukiyo-e by Katsushika Hokusai called the Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji is iconic and form the inspiration behind some of the art prints you can find in the Art of Zen collection.

Collecting Ukiyo-e Art: A Guide for Beginners

Collecting Ukiyo-e Art: A Guide for Beginners

Delve into the enchanting world of ukiyo-e with our comprehensive guide for budding collectors. From deciphering artists’ signatures to navigating the vibrant hues of traditional woodblock prints, this guide is your companion in building a ukiyo-e collection that transcends time.